Brand Defence / Social Media Monitoring

Here at TMTI we have developed our business over the last decade alongside all the major changes in the way customers interact with retailers. The dramatic growth in online social media has fast become a way for customers to interact with retailers both positively and negatively with the click of a button. We have developed solutions for the ongoing monitoring of social media that quickly addresses and responds to negative comments, feedback and scores relating to devices people have purchased.

Facebook/ Twitter monitoring - we respond to your customers on your behalf posting feedback, questions, queries, complaints and comments on your behalf regarding technical aspects of the device they have purchased. We provide technical support and advice regarding their specific issue, how to resolve it, links to simulators and information for them and other customers to learn from. Depending on your own policies we also provide details on the returns process or even offer a call to help the customer further. This greatly reduces returns, increases customer satisfaction and stops negative comments spreading on the web. In fact our experience is that dealing with these matters promptly often leads to positive feedback.

Amazon Feedback Monitoring - we monitor comments, feedback and star rating on Amazon on your behalf. We respond quickly to negative reviews and comments regarding technical aspects of the device they have purchased. We educate customers on how to resolve their issues and use their device and, depending on your own policies, can explain the returns process or offer a client call. This reduces returns and increases customer satisfaction.

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