Email Support

More and more businesses are turning to email support for their customer service solutions. TMTI can provide this at LOW COST, working on a cost per contact or a fixed contract basis. We can also integrate this with your current way of working.

Many people believe that email support is a cheaper option than a telephone call. This can be the case if a call operator is multi-tasking, such as dealing with emails when there is telephone down time. However if you have numerous emails this is not necessarily the case and costs can be equivalent to a call centre operative for full time cover.


We can offer:

  • Low cost email support.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Minimal set up costs.
  • A full reporting package through our state of the art combined telephone and PC interface
  • Massive depth of knowledge through one of the world's largest gadget databases
  • Quality service from a private company that CARES.

We can get things moving quickly for you and its often as simple as pointing your email address to us. If you need email support for your business please contact us:

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