Product Testing

We can ensure your product WORKS WELL in the hands of the consumer. We can make sure your product WORKS WELL with other products in its marketplace that it is meant to work with. We can then make sure your instructions and the way you communicate them are accurate. Whether product testing, case testing, app testing or Bluetooth testing TMTI can carry this out for you and provide a comprehensive report.

Bluetooth Testing

Our testing team can offer consumer testing pre and post launch.


TMTI is a centre of excellence for Bluetooth® compatibility testing. We currently test over 70 handsets with each Bluetooth® accessory to provide an unrivalled view of its compatibility with other Bluetooth® products. We provide pre-launch evaluation of handsets and accessories, identifying product issues that may affect the customer experience and popularity of the product. Bluetooth® testing at TMTI is an established procedure endorsed by leading Bluetooth® manufacturers worldwide.


We hold most of the latest handsets so that you don't have to.

Wearables Testing

We test wearables pre and post launch and then integrate them into our matrix which contrasts and compares the different manufacturers offerings.

Device Evaluation Report

A device evaluation report is produced for each device tested, detailing Bluetooth® performance in a user environment. The information can be used to refine the device before it is launched to the market. Our report demonstrates to mobile operators, distributors and retailers that the product can be sold with confidence. Our CAOS (Cutting Aggravation Out at Source) programme has proved itself time and again.

Bluetooth Compatibility Matrix

TMTI's Bluetooth® testing can check your accessory products for compatibility, interoperability and general functionality against a large range of mobile telephone handsets, including a huge stock of 'legacy' models as well as new releases. New devices are added to our handset stock each month and include products from the major global manufacturers and Operating Systems. Our test results can allow you to prepare any product updates or modifications which may assist with overall market acceptance among consumers and help reduce unnecessary product returns.

We also offer:

App Testing

We hold all the mobiles to test your app and its compatibility with a variety of handsets. We use our own app development business to assist with their expertise. Worthwhile checking prior to launch that your app works on multiple handsets in the way you want it to. This helps avoid any issues at launch as well as refund request and poor app ratings.

Pre-launch Accessory Testing

Mainly focussed on Mobile phone accessory testing, TMTI can provide comprehensive consumer testing on a variety of accessories.

In Car Technology

TMTI works for three major car brands in pre- launch testing for in car media modules.

Case Testing

Many accessories that "jacket" products can affect its performance. If a product is manufactured externally for your product we can help you assess its impact on the performance of your own product prior to release or it obtaining your approval. This is key if you want to avoid the performance of your own device being negatively impacted by a supplementary product - an important factor that affects your returns.

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