Returns Prevention and Returns Management

We can help you manage your returns. We can stop returns coming back. That is what we have spent over a decade concentrating on here at TMTI.

If you think about your own experience when buying a product what do you first expect?

Well, you want the product to work, and then at the most important time - when you open the box- you want the product to do what it says it does.

In our experience the most important time in a customers' experience is in the first few minutes. The unboxing. If the item is complex and the customer is faced with poor help and instructions at this point he or she will likely reject the product and the brand leading to a potential return.

So how can TMTI HELP?

Firstly we need to TEST the product to see where it may be falling down on its promises. Secondly we need to look at the support which the customer needs at the point of unboxing. TMTI can provide telephone, email and online product simulator support solutions. All of these factors combined together will lead to less returns and a better customer experience.

What if the product really is faulty?

If our solutions determine that a product is in fact faulty our systems generate a unique Returns Authorisation Number (RAN) for customers to provide as part of your product returns process. This is valuable for in-store efficiencies and also produces important product intelligence that can greatly help product development. Backed by our own software we authorise a return once we have ascertained it is faulty and arrange a replacement for the retail customer. We can also organize a replacement product to be sent out to your customers.

TMTI can also arrange to collect the faulty product and test it for the fault, filtering out No Fault Founds and repatriating the products to the manufacturer for refurbishment and ultimately re-sale.


We offer:

  • Voice, email or simulator (self learning) technical support

  • A proven track record of returns reduction with major brands

  • Social media monitoring (Facebook, Amazon, Twitter etc.) for technical support related posts, queries, comments and complaints

  • Dedicated teams of people who really KNOW what they are doing

  • Access to one of the world's most comprehensive gadget databases

  • Fast reaction to your problems at LOW cost

  • Comprehensive feedback of results

  • Dedicated programmes which will improve your bottom line

  • A privately owned independent company working as a partner with you that really does care.

If you want to reduce returns and give your clients a world class service, join many of the major brands you see on our site.

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