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Self learning is the new buzz word for online customer support. A good online tutorial experience saves money for the retailer and for the consumer and provides a fast 24 hour solution for technical queries.

TMTI was one of the first companies in the world to introduce these simulators and has been producing them for 10 years now for clients from all over the world.

Showing a customer online how a product works prior to a sale is a very powerful form of promotion and advertising. It frequently leads the shopper to make a purchasing decision.

Your customer service call centre agents can also have access to the software post sale. This enables companies to give the product to all their agents WITHOUT having to physically buy them. This also means that your agents do not have to have the device physically in their hand to understand it when speaking to consumer. These factors combine to deliver savings and efficiency improvements.

We also are able to provide clients with Online Diagnostic simulators where customers can literally trouble shoot problems themselves.

See how our simulators work. They speak for themselves! Click on a link below to see them in action!


We offer:

  • Simulation of any product or service from understanding my bill to the latest mobile phone to dialysis machines
  • Your very own self learning centres with multiple devices, hosted and maintained by us
  • Matching simulators which show how to obtain compatibility between two products. For example a car with a particular Bluetooth device
  • Self diagnostic simulators, that show clients to identify and how to fix problems themselves, greatly reducing returns
  • Massive savings to brands through returns reductions
  • Call centre agent programmes for product referral or training
  • Unique world beating software

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