TMTI Group of Companies

We deliver world class technical support over the phone and online. We test products for brands to check that they do what they say they do and then we build online simulators to show people how to use them

Technical Support - on the phone

Drawing on one of the most comprehensive gadget databases in the world our teams of trained experts can solve 98 percent of your customer queries on their first call! This greatly increases customer satisfaction and reduces customer returns.

Returns Prevention / Management

We lower returns. Proven fact. We can tailor a bespoke programme to lower your returns, authorise any returns requests in line with your own policies and even integrate this within your existing customer service teams and MUCH MORE!

Product Simulators / Interactive Guides

We build online interactive guides which bring products alive on the web. Powerful as a pre-sales tool for device promotions or post sale as a 24hr online self-help solution that increases customer satisfaction and reduces returns. We also build online service simulators for people to learn how to understand bills and statements.

Technical Support - by Email

Here at TMTI we also deliver technical support by email through responding to your clients queries and questions regarding any aspect of using, understanding or fault finding their new devices. Simply point the email address to us and we will take care of the rest. See how TMTI can provide an email tech support facility for your clients

Brand Defence/ Social Media

The dramatic growth in social media has fast become a way for customers to interact with retailers both positively and negatively with the click of a button. We have developed solutions for the ongoing monitoring of social media that quickly addresses and responds to negative comments, feedback and scores relating to devices people have purchased.

Product Testing

Need to know if your device will work with other devices? We can carry out pre-launch, Bluetooth®, app and case testing on your products so you can go to launch with confidence. We can test your product across well over 100 devices and provide you with a full report.