Scalable support tailored to your business

scaleable tech support

Pressure is greater than ever on companies to protect the planet and maintain high profit margins. Using our support services can help you reduce your product returns can help you achieve these objectives.

We understand that no two businesses are the same, which is why we have developed flexible support solutions that can be tailored to your exact needs. Using just one or combining our products will help you reduce your returns, limit your waste, improve your customer relationships, and increase brand loyalty.

scaleable tech support

Bespoke support services for reducing returns.

At TMTI we have a vast experience in tech support with a wide range of business models, this gives us an unbeatable understanding of how to reduce unnecessary product returns and the financial losses caused by them.

Phone, Chat and Email support

Our team of trained and trusted experts are here to help you and your customers. We can help with anything from pre-sales advice and technical support, to help with spares, booking repairs and handling the complete returns process. All with the aim of reducing product returns.

Our proprietary software, tools and huge product database, plus our amazing team, enable us to give the support you need. We have dedicated specialists and spares managers to provide after-sales support for your brand.

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Online help guides

Control the cost and level of your tech support using our online help guides.

Whether you want to use this as an online product manual or a pre-sales tool, we tailor-make each guide to your specification and in your brand colours.

Our responsive tech support tool can be embedded directly into your products support pages.

  • cost-effective
  • multi-lingual
  • 24hr support

Product Recall Management

Fast action, multi functional tool designed for management of product recalls and serial number lookups.

Branded to your product or company our Product Recall and Management tool is easily deployed providing instant advice to your customers.

Take fast responsive action to address any issues or product recall notices to your customers.

Fully automated self serve serial validator to help your customers check their products. Fully reportable, built to fix potential issues before they create a larger problem. 

Fraud Prevention

Practical, scalable, low cost product fraud solutions.

Fraudulent and fake returns are a growing problem within the retail industry. With our tools and expertise we can help to identify and eliminate these fakes with tried and tested technology our clients already feel the benefits of.

Due to the nature of the tools on offer we’d rather not divulge too much information here, to discuss what we can to do help your business and how we can combat your potential fraud problems get in touch!

Do you have a question?

(We have an extensive database of them!)

Not everyone enjoys talking to customer support, and some just don’t have the time. Others prefer talking to an actual human. We can help you cater to the needs of your every customer.

When businesses combine tools like our Q & A database with over the phone support, customers have choices to ask the questions in the format they prefer.

With our bespoke system, every customer question is captured and no question missed.

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Spares & Stock Management

When customers return gadgets to us, they get sent to our technology wranglers who take and grade them for their useability. These can be re-sold through our online store. Those items that need a little more care and attention are put through restorative surgery by our team. Anything beyond repair can be stripped and used for spares.

The ultimate aim is to keep as many items from being returned to you the client and entering landfill.

Last year, we saved and re-sold over 24,000 products for one of our clients!

Self-Service Diagnostics

Self-service tools are becoming more widely used than ever. Giving your customers the tools they need to help them diagnose tech support issues with a product is the most cost-effective means of support.

Our tool can be used as a self diagnostic, a training tool for new staff or as a pre-sales marketing gateway for your products.

  • Affordable, always ready
  • 24/7 diagnostic support
diagnostic self serve tech support

Promo & Support Video Guides

Tech Support via video is becoming more popular year on year. We have our own studio for creating video-based tutorials.

We can provide scripts, filming, editing and managing your online channels, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

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It’s difficult to put everything we can do down on paper.

Fill in the form and we’ll call you to discuss any questions you may have. TMTI stands for Talk Me Through IT and that what we’d be happy to do!

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The heartbeat of the company

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Ai2 is TMTI’s proprietary CRM software, encompassing multi-channel contact logging, one of the largest technical support knowledge bases in Europe and SaaS add-on’s like our proprietary image capture software, SMTI. Our CRM provides a free flowing customer journey for users by guiding them through bespoke support questions, procedural data capture points and an open plan diagnostic support area that encourages critical thinking and adaptable analysis from our technical support agents while also ensuring that they have guides, knowledge base articles, product images and much more easily available to supplement their own product knowledge.

Ai2 is adaptable and can capture any data that is needed by our clients with bespoke question and answer pages that can be managed within the CRM itself as a part of the management GUI, this along with AI2’s ability to connect with third party API’s allow us to provide a full customer journey for a complete aftersales service.


Show Me The Issue

show me tech support

SMTI (Show me the issue) is TMTI’s proprietary image capture tool that can be accessed from any device with a web browser. 

In many cases customers are unable to adequately explain a technical issue to our support agents and the need to ‘show us the issue’ arises. Customers are sent an SMS with a hyperlink which guides them to a bespoke, client branded web platform where they can upload images of products, packaging and device damage or even proof of purchase to be inspected real-time by our technical support agents.

SMTI provides value by ensuring that only products with genuine faults and within warranty are returned to retailers.


Management and Fulfillment

tmti spares service

TMTI’s spares fulfilment department offers both in warranty, free of charge replacement parts and out of warranty, chargeable parts through our web platform.

The cost of returning a TV for something as simple as a faulty remote can cost a client hundreds of pounds as well as the carbon impact of the reverse logistics involved. TMTI can stock and fulfil spare part request from customers to ensure product retention, which, along with the technical support our agents provide, gives your customer a full service solution for faults with devices and their accessories.