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How to turn product returns into profit

Turning challenges into opportunities     In this blog post, we’ll explore how to make a profit from your returns or, in other words, how to monetise them.   To understand the magnitude of the issue, let’s first delve into the staggering amount of waste ending up in UK landfills each year.

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Completing your After-Sales with spares!

Spare parts are a great addition to your after-sales support. From small to large parts, they can quickly fix problems with ease. They are great for reducing returns, but that isn’t all. In this article we highlight the benefits of completing your after sales with spares for your business, your

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A personal approach to customer services 

We know that customer services is an essential part of your customer’s journey. This means having support available before, during, and after purchasing. Whilst a one size fits all approach is easy to adopt, it is not always appropriate. We believe customer service should always have a personal touch. In

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Soft Support: Rethinking Engineer Visits 

Do you suffer from a high number of engineer call-outs? Are looking for a way to reduce this? Or are your engineer reports suggesting there isn’t a problem with a product, but perhaps a misdiagnosis?   Soft support is an easy way to rectify this and help you to rethink engineer

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5 signs that you need to invest in after-sales support

Why invest in after-sales support? When a customer purchases a product, they want to be able to use it with ease. There will always be times when they need to ask questions for more information about the product or they encounter a problem that they aren’t sure how to resolve.

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The importance of reducing e-waste

As organisations, we are familiar with the increased attention to e-waste and the pressure to reduce this. Whilst there are many ways to do this, it is key that it is done effectively and we understand why we need to work on this reduction. At TMTI, we understand the importance

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