A personal approach to customer services 

We know that customer services is an essential part of your customer’s journey. This means having support available before, during, and after purchasing. Whilst a one size fits all approach is easy to adopt, it is not always appropriate. We believe customer service should always have a personal touch. In this article we look at how to take a personal approach to customer services. 

Understanding the customer with listening and empathy 

Ensuring that you actively listen to customer concerns and needs plays a significant role in the delivery of customer services. By having empathy, you can understand customer frustrations, allowing you to think of the appropriate solution. For example, if you answer the phone to a customer who is unhappy you can find a solution to accommodate their issue and use techniques to reduce resolve the situation. 

Tailoring solutions by customising support for individual needs 

It is also essential to consider each customer’s individual needs. This enables you to understand their current situation and build a rapport with customers and effectively find a solution. This means that your support can be accessible and achievable by all. For example, if you have a customer who has difficulty understanding the explanation of support, having other support options such as sending a video to demonstrate the support can really be a benefit. Similarly, offering to send step-by-step instructions rather than talking through the issue is also a simple way to tailor the solution to your customer’s need, giving them the time to absorb the information at their own pace. 

Proactive communication to anticipate customer needs 

Another way to ensure your customer service is personal is by using proactive communication between customers, stake holders and support teams. It is important to anticipate what customers may need when you sell them a new product or service. For example, you should consider the sort of questions they may have, or after-sales support they may require. Give easy access to support directly on the product page and provide contact details for your team so they know who to contact if necessary. 

Going the extra mile to surprise and delight customers 

You can provide excellent personal customer service by going the extra mile. This means exceeding customer expectations, which encourages loyalty and positive word-of-mouth of the support received. This can easily be done by having a team of well-trained individuals seeking to provide effective resolutions. By fostering an ‘extra mile’ approach, you can be sure to support your customers and maintain a great reputation. 

Adding a personal touch in self-service by enhancing online support 

Customer services can be personalised with a range of support options. This can mean offering multiple self-service online support options such as FAQs and diagnostic tools for 24 hours assistance. This means that you can provide a user-friendly interface whereby customers feel supported. It personalises the support as it gives the customer the opportunity to interact and learn, whist ensuring they receive the necessary support. 

At TMTI, we can tailor a personal approach to customer services for you. We recognise that all customers have different needs, so we ensure that our team can deliver customer service to the highest standard and cater for all of your customers’ needs.  

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