Completing your After-Sales with spares!

Spare parts are a great addition to your after-sales support. From small to large parts, they can quickly fix problems with ease. They are great for reducing returns, but that isn’t all. In this article we highlight the benefits of completing your after sales with spares for your business, your customers, and the environment. 

How can spares benefit your business? 

Spares can be a game-changer for the after-sales service you provide. By offering spare parts to your customers you can reduce the cost of processing a return and exchange. This means less costs of sending a product to disposal, which is especially significant if the issue is something that can be resolved by a simple part. 

This can also create better customer satisfaction. This is because your customers are able to receive a quicker resolution from you rather than having to wait for someone to repair a product or have to go through the hassle of returning the item. 

Offering spares can also improve your reputation and build a competitive edge. This is because your customers know that if they have a problem or potentially need spare parts for their products, they can turn to your after-sales support. This can be for both in-warranty or out of warranty, because sometimes customers just want to know where they can purchase spare parts from. 

How can spares benefit your customers? 

Customers can also benefit from spares as part of the product after-sales service. It adds a layer of convenience to their experience. This is because there’s no need to wait for a repair to be booked or a replacement product to be arranged, simply the sending and fitting of a part. This also saves time as they do not need to wait too long before they can continue using their product. 

With the convenience of fitting or solving with a spare parts comes empowerment. Your customers are likely to feel good that they have been able to solve an issue with fitting or using a replacement part, rather than an engineer visit.  

It is also cost-efficient for the customer. If they can resolve an issue with a spare part, whether that’s a part covered by the warranty or one they have to purchase separately, they do not need to throw away their product and purchase a new! This saves them money which is important with the cost and resource saving approach we take in today’s world. 

image of boxes full of after sales spart parts for tech equipment

How can spares benefit the environment? 

We are all doing our part to reduce the environmental impact we have on the planet. Offering spare parts is an easy way to do this. Firstly, it can help to reduce e-waste. This is because it can prevent tech from going to landfill when it really doesn’t need to. 

In turn, these helps to conserve resources as we are continuing to use the products and resources we have, rather than dispose of them. As a result, this helps to extend the overall product lifespan as parts can be replaced over time to keep the product working. 

At TMTI, we can offer a variety of customer solutions and services tailored to your business needs.  

For more about who we are and how we can add spare parts to your after-sales support and reduce your product returns, click here. 

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