What makes us who we are?

In 2003, TMTI (Talk Me Through It)  started as a support solution for one of the biggest mobile phone providers in the UK, quickly taking on tech support for many other mobile brands in the country.

Our success in improving our clients’ customer relationships has continued to increase, helping to expand our platform to where we are now.

With our experience and expertise, we have developed flexible solutions that can be tailored to your exact business needs. Using just one or combining our products will help you reduce your returns, limit your waste, improve your customer relationships, and increase brand loyalty.

Our vision

To deliver economic and social value through understanding your customer product experience.

We have set out a vision for TMTI without an absolute finish line. We love to learn and enjoy turning data into wisdom and action.

The information we collect is used to educate people on using their products fully and prevent unnecessary returns. We use our knowledge to support all our clients. Both retailers and manufacturers can gain valuable learning through TMTI’s customer interactions. This data helps to create economic and social value at multiple steps in the product journey.  


Something as simple as failing to turn on the power for a new washing machine can have a considerable impact.

Customers become frustrated, reputations can become damaged, and overall carbon footprint increases when collecting a product for return or sending an engineer. 

A fault-free product is returned, and the probability of negative feedback is raised. The product may then need to be tested, repackaged and/or recycled – all of which has an additional environmental and financial cost.

Talking a customer through how to use their product, or making resources available online to help with common faults, can deliver a sizeable benefit.


TMTI - A brief history

2003 TMTI is born
2003 Technical Support
2004 Bluetooth Services
2007 Support Helpline / Email
2009 Laptop Support
2009 Interactive guides
2009 Video Support
2011 Application Development
2011 Online Services
2012 Chat services
2019 SMTI
2020 White Goods Launches
2022 Furniture