Why reducing customer worries is essential for effective support 

Some customers may find technology to be overwhelming or may panic if something is not behaving the way they expected. In these scenarios, it is essential that your business has effective support routes that aid in reducing customer worries and enable customers to carry out actions comfortably.  

At TMTI, we understand that reducing customer worries is vital to providing effective support. Below, we have highlighted what you need to know about reducing these worries. 

Trust: The foundation of customer confidence 

Trust and customer confidence come hand in hand. Building your customers’ trust will make them more likely to seek technical support if required. This confidence can be achieved by having a variety of support options, such as various after-sales facilities, in place that your customers can use with ease. Customers who trust a brand are more likely to call and look to fix than immediately look for a refund or return. 

Phone support: Calming concerns through clear communication 

When providing support over the phone, we need to consider that challenges can arise due to the absence of visual cues, meaning the support relies solely on communication between the customer and the advisor. Talking person to person can calm the situation down and help to effectively provide support by using active listening, showing empathy, and using clear communication.

Active listening allows us to understand any problems and offer suitable solutions, having empathy can contribute to building a rapport which can reassure a customer and using clear communication can reduce misunderstandings when giving the instructions. These techniques enhance customer support via the phone. 

Email support: Crafting reassuring responses 

Whilst email support can be favoured by those who may not have the time to contact a phone support team, it is still important to those customers to feel reassured. Addressing customer worries through written communication requires a different tactic. We need to ensure that responses are prompt and in a timely manner.  

Also, instructions should be clear so that a customer can understand them the first time around without the need to reply for clearer steps. You can reassure customers by personalising emails, such as using the customer’s name or referring to any information they may have previously given. This means that they know that their time is valued as their email is being properly read. 

Live chat support: Real-time assistance for immediate relief 

By using live chat, you can reduce worries for those who don’t want or aren’t able to speak to someone over the phone. It allows them to talk to someone in real time but on a digital platform. It allows customers to receive quick responses and expert support. To ensure the customer is reassured, you should make sure any support solutions suggested are appropriate for the customer, and if needed you can easily ask more questions to ensure you get the full picture.  

Empowering customers: Self-help resources and knowledge bases 

You can reduce worries by empowering your customers with self-help resources and knowledge tools. Providing accessible FAQs, online guides, and videos can educate your customers in a format of their choosing, which in turn gives them the confidence to carry out any necessary support. This means that customers do not always have to connect with someone to help, but can solve issues in their own time using self-serving platforms. 

At TMTI, we offer a variety of customer solutions and services to help you to provide effective customer support.  Our contact centre is equipped to guide your customers through support over the phone, via emails and livechat, and our team can provide your customers with useful online resources to educate and empower. 

For more about who we are and how we provide tech support to reduce your product returns, click here. 

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